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Practice Tests: Paper 3 Use of English

Part 1 (Multiple Choice Lexical Cloze)
Part 2 (Open Cloze)
Part 3 (Word Formation)
Part 4 ('Key' Word Transformation)
Part 5 (Multiple Choice)
Part 6 (Gapped Text)
Part 7 (Multiple Matching)

Photocopiable worksheets, ideal for classroom use or for homework tasks. Also available in an online version in FCE Student:

Worksheets: Part One: Multiple Choice Cloze

Worksheet 1 Idiomatic Expressions
Worksheet 2 Phrasal Verbs
Worksheet 3 Collocations
Worksheet 4 Binomials
Worksheet 5 Similies

Worksheets: Part Two: Open Cloze

Worksheet 1 Pronouns/Relative pronouns/Reflexive pronouns
Worksheet 2 Articles and Determiners/Quantifiers
Worksheet 3 Conjunctions and linking words or phrases
Worksheet 4 Prepositional phrases and phrasal verbs
Worksheet 5 Collocations

Worksheets: Part Three: Word Formation

Worksheet 1 Forming verbs and nouns
Worksheet 2 Forming adjectives and adverbs
Worksheet 3 Less common prefixes
Worksheet 4 Forming compound words

Worksheets: Part Four: 'Key' Word Transformation

Worksheet 1 Comparative structures
Worksheet 2 Expressions/common lexical patterns
Worksheet 3 Phrasal verbs
Worksheet 4 Conditionals and formal structures

Help your students to improve their chances of success in FCE by encouraging them to keep an organised record of new words.

Ask them to keep a notebook organised on the lines of an address book with three or four pages for each letter of the alphabet. Download the following photocopiable worksheets to get them started:

Topic Areas

Example (Word)
Worksheet (Word)
Example (HTML)
Worksheet (HTML)

Word Formation

Example (Word)
Worksheet (Word)
Example (HTML)
Worksheet (HTML)

Self study mark sheets for your students to help them - and you - keep track of their progress on Flo-Joe and in their studies generally.

Self Study Mark Sheets

Paper 1, Paper 2 and Paper 3
Paper 4 and Paper 5

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