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Are you on the lookout for extra resources to challenge and motivate your students? Since the launch of the Flo-Joe website in 2000 many teachers have told us how useful they find our online Cambridge exam resources.

Exam Success Plus

But whether you've only just discovered our resources for exam preparation or have been a Flo-Joe user since the beginning, we hope you'll find our EXAM SUCCESS PLUS series an additional resource for your school, college or university. (Read more about the background to EXAM SUCCESS PLUS.)

Find out if Exam Success Plus is the right kind of resource for your institution by visiting our product description link. If any of the following teaching scenarios sound familiar then Exam Success Plus might just be able to help! See how the series is designed to fit seamlessly into your exam preparation classes by viewing our syllabus link. Then check out our flexible pricing options, which are designed to help you get the most out of your resources budgets. If any of your queries are not answered in our FAQs page then please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to help.

Student Feedback

"Thank you so much for your website. I found it really helpful when studying for CAE. I received the results yesterday. I passed with a B. As I have been studying on my own, I'm really grateful for your supporting website. I certainly will get back to it when I start learning for the proficiency."
W. Sauerborn, Switzerland

"I recently passed the CPE (got a B - did get something wrong, especially in the Listening part - but I'm quite happy). I worked a lot on your website and I think subscribing was a very good idea!"
L. Castelletto, Italy

"I am happy with the issues of FCE Exam Plus. Thanks for everything and I hope your web site continue for a long time. My best wishes from Spain."
M. O. A. Carasa, Spain