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Mark Sheet: Practice Tests (1 2)

Every time you do any kind of practice test exercise from your books in class or during self study, make a note of your score. This will enable you - and your teacher - to keep track of your progress.

Paper 1: Reading and Use of English 1st Attempt2nd Attempt3rd Attempt
Part 1: Multiple Choice Cloze    
Part 2: Open Cloze   
Part 3: Word Formation   
Part 4: 'Key' Word Transformation    
Part 5: Multiple Choice   
Part 6: Gapped Text    
Part 7: Mutiple Matching    

Paper 2: Writing1st Attempt2nd Attempt3rd Attempt
Part 1: Compulsory Task: Essay   
Part 2: Article   
Part 2: Email   
Part 2: Report   
Part 2: Review   
Part 2: Essay   
Part 2: Letter