CPE Use of English   (Exit)

Part 2: Word Formation (Forming compound words )

Complete each of the following sentences with the correct form of the word in CAPITALS using hyphens where necessary.

1. The changes to the government will have ......... implications for ordinary people.

2. My friend has a job in the city selling stocks and shares but I don’t envy his fast car or his ........ lifestyle.

3. I’m sorry to have to tell you this but your blouse is completely ........ when you stand next to the window!

4. When I was a student I didn’t have much money to spend on clothes but I didn’t mind wearing other people’s .........

5. My friends are organising a ........ next week to celebrate my birthday so I hope you’ll be able to come to it.

6. The soldiers still suffered from a number of traumatic ........ even though the war had ended many years ago.

7 Some of the party members left to form a ........ political group with their own policies and leader.

8 The cricket match was a complete ........ because of the unexpected rain and it has now been postponed until another day.

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