CPE Use of English   (Exit)

Part 1: Open Cloze (Collocations)

Complete each of the following sentences with the word that collocates with the words in bold.

1. Victoria has a working ........ of Chinese, which she needs for her job as an international corporate lawyer.

2. The defendant told the judge that she accepted full ........ for her actions and that she would plead guilty.

3. After William realised his mistake he was forced to ........ his pride and apologise.

4. I thought I ........ my position absolutely clear. Either he goes or I do!

5. Tanya came away from the interview with the overriding ........ that she wouldn’t get the job.

6. Although my mother’s in her seventies she is still very young at ........

7. When the shop assistant refused the customer a refund, he was met with a torrent of ........

8. The drowning boy was pulled out of the river and ........ the kiss of life by a medic.

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