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”It is with a great pleasure that I am talking to you again. I am writing to tell you that I was communicated about the results of the CAE Exam that I sit for last June. Incredibly, the miracle has happened! I passed!!!! I am so pleased, so happy, so glad that it seems to be a dream!!!! Thank you very much for everything and I am willing to help any other students that are in the CAE path.
Best wishes from the student that admire you a lot.

A great embrace”
Cultura Inglesa, SÃO PAULO, BRASIL

"I am very happy to tell you I've passed the CAE (grade B). My results in English in Use were more than good. I learnt using Wordbank on your site and as you see it was really helpful. Thank You very much. Now I'm going to pass CPE and of course to manage it using your CPE site."
Iwona Czerwinska, CPE student

"Last June I passed my CAE exams with Grade A. Thank you for your help, your site is extremely useful for effective learning. Now I want to have a look at CPE and I have already subscribed for CPE Exam Success Lite. Best Regards."
I.M. CPE student

"I'd like to say ' thanks a lot' to all people who's created this site for help and support in my studying of English. I've received my FCE results and it is great! I've passed with 'B' ! I think that your exercises and tests were very useful for me. I'm going pass CAE next year."
Irina, CAE student

"I'm really happy to have found a site like this one!!! That's what I needed!!"
Michelle Herculano, CAE student

"I passed FCE, now I'm preparing to CAE. Thanks to all Flo-Joe's crew for creating this wonderful site."
Anna Karbowska, CAE student
Boles³awiec, Poland

"It's the most helpful learning tool for me nowadays especially because I don't attend any classes preparing to CPE. Using this site I am systematic and this is the most important fact."

Iwona Czerwiñska, CPE student

"There is no doubt that Flo-Joe Word Bank is an useful and easy way to learn at least one new word every day!"
Vandreza Freiria, CAE student
Cultura Inglesa, Brazil

"I love this site! It's wonderful! Ever since I discovered it, I enter diary on the page to see the the news! It helped me a lot with my English learning."
Afrodita, CAE student

"Thank you so much for all your help and support. I took the Cambridge Advanced English exam in June this year. Fortunately, I passed it. Thank you again."
Simona Brezoi, CAE student

"I really like to improve myself using the flo-joe services, because here, you have your own teacher just before you (your PC screen), and it helps a lot! thanks! for existing!"
Silvonetto Oliveira, FCE student

"I passed the FCE exam in June and I would like to continue my studies and to prepare myself for the CAE exam.
This website has helped me with my preparations for the FCE and I would like to thank you .That is the reason why I have continued to use Flo-Joe's instructions and this lovely site. Thank you once again."

Timea, CAE student

"This is the right place for people wanting a true challenge. It really forces us to study, to improve and to be serious facing the Cambridge Examinations."

Laura Montes, CAE student

"First of all, I would really like to thank you for creating and sharing such a useful, complete and interesting exercise resource website. I have been teaching FCE as well as CAE levels for nearly one year and it sometimes becomes a bit difficult to get further practice exercises, or we sometimes run out of ideas about how to teach. I am pretty sure my colleagues will love taking a look at your work."
Ricardo Villegas, Cambridge exam teacher

"I´m very glad to use this useful resource for my students.Thank you for helping us achieve the goal."
Cristina Francois, Cambridge exam teacher
ISEC, Argentina

"I'd like to receive the weekly newsletter as I have been doing so with the CAE weekly one. Congratulations for the good weekly Word Bank for both Certificate practices. Every week I have dealt with it with my students and it seems that they are internalising the words much better than to a photocopy activity. My students have been flo-joeaholic recently that I'd be so proud of them if I had 100% of pass rate in the papers."
Mirna Ushizaki, Private Teacher

"I think your site is a very important link between me and my feature good result at FCE examination test."
Univ".Al.I.Cuza",IASI, Romania

"I am an English teacher and I am going to take FCE this year, this page has been very useful for me it lets me to study by myself, thanks very much.... The Flo-Joe website is very good for all the teachers and other professionals who want to take this exam, and practice in an amusing and real way."
A. G., Teacher

"The Word Bank is the most useful feature that the website provides and the one I usually use most. I very grateful for the great help that the Flo-Joe website has given to me, because it gaves me the possibility to improve my English very easily. Thanks."
M.Z., CAE student

"I think is a very good idea with this website because every man of the world can learn English."
Coceanga Laurentiu, FCE student

"Is it possible to become flo-joe cholic? I have!!!"
Jorge Mauro, CAE student
Iadei, Argentina

"This site really helped me to improve my written English, my reading skills and my vocabulary. I hope that it will also help me take my exam."
Sigarteu Ioana-Cornelia, FCE student

"Flo-Joe - it's the funny and best way to improve my English for FCE exam!"
G.V.B.K., FCE student

"I can't believe all the content you have -- it looks like a fantastic resource. It almost makes me want to be a non-native English speaker so that I can get value from it!"
D.T.,Usability consultant
System Concepts Ltd, UK

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