CPE Use of English   (Exit)

Part 1: Open Cloze (Pronouns/Relative pronouns/Reflexive pronouns)

Fill in the gap in each sentence with a pronoun.

1. There were a number of participants at the conference dinner, several of ........ were keynote speakers.

2. The old house, ........ its condition, is likely to sell quickly given the present housing market.

3. The diner complained so vociferously that the manageress ........ came out of the office to see what the problem was.

4. The party atmosphere suddenly dissipated, at ........ point I made up my mind to leave.

5. The chairman outlined his vision for the future but the chief executive argued that ........ a strategy could be detrimental to the company’s future.

6. More and more people are turning to vegetarianism which ........ say is much better for your health.

7 My therapist said I could drop in ........ I wanted to, regardless of whether I’d made an appointment or not.

8. The main reasons for quitting my job were overwork and a meagre salary. There are ........ I could mention but they were the primary factors.

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