CPE Use of English   (Exit)

Part 1: Open Cloze (Conjunctions and linking words or phrases)

Complete each of the following sentences with the correct conjunction or linking word.

1. The reviews of the play were glowing but as a ......... of fact I thought it was terrible!

2. Most people are car lovers. Even ........, cars cause enormous damage to the environment.

3. ........ most people pass their Proficiency exam first time round a number of candidates will, sadly, fail.

4. The hotel was poor, the food terrible, and we had torrential rain for the whole week. ........ short, the holiday was a disaster.

5. As far as the police were ........., they decided not to press charges against the thief this time round.

6. ........ the bank was shut all weekend they weren’t able to withdraw any cash.

7. I wouldn’t apply for that job if I were you. In ........ case the advert says you have to have a clean driving licence and you haven’t even passed your test yet.

8 Broadly ........, young people are concerned with finding a good career once they have graduated from university.

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