CPE Use of English   (Exit)

Part 4: Key Word Transformation (Comparative structures)

1 is no more

2 not nearly as cold as (it was)

3 every bit as beautiful as

4 lesser of the two evils

5 lot fewer people attending

6 half as clever as

Part 4: Key Word Transformation (Common lexical patterns)

1 not paying attention (to her)

2 put the blame on

3 come to/reached the conclusion

4 link has been established/made/exists between

5 lost her temper with

6 by no means

7 surpassed (all my) expectations

8 face (up to) the fact that

Part 4: Key Word Transformation (Phrasal verbs)

1 have not been stamped out

2 been put forward for

3 send on any mail

4 was enhanced by

5 to give up

6 is being put up

7 be rubbed out with

8 were covered up by

Part 4: Key Word Transformation (Conditionals and formal structures)

1 no time did I expect

2 in case of

3 But for my mother

4 (As) Much as I respect/Much though I respect

5 we not caught

6 if a little lower than expected

7 you change your mind about

8 on condition (that) you

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