CPE Use of English   (Exit)

Part 2: Word Formation (Forming adjectives and adverbs)

Complete each of the following sentences with the correct form of the word in CAPITALS using hyphens where necessary.

1. The old man felt ........ by the dreadful living conditions he had experienced when
he was growing up.

2. Many young people train in gyms in order to achieve a toned ......... physique.

3. Jackie’s daughter is a rather ........ child - she’s full of mischief and badly-behaved.

4. The living room look cold and ........ when the fire wasn’t lit.

5. The romantic novel started with a young woman staring ........ into the fire. What a cliché!

6. John muttered ........ under his breath about the volume of work he’d been given but he didn’t dare complain to the boss.

7. As I climbed aboard the plane I was ........ reminded of the previous time when my plane almost crashed.

8. The newspaper reported that an old woman had been ........ treated while she was in hospital.

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