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Try these exercises to appreciate the various word forms that are tested in Part 1 Multiple Choice Cloze

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About Part 1 Multiple Choice Cloze


In the Part 1, Multiple Choice Cloze task you will read a short text which has 8 gaps. For each gap you have to select the missing word from a choice of four (A, B, C or D). In the exam you transfer your answer to a special answer sheet. Part 1 tests your knowledge of vocabulary. You should be able to identify collocations, idioms, phrasal verbs and other set expressions. You get one mark for every correct answer in this part.

Now try our exercises


1. Idiomatic expressions
The missing word in Part 1 will often be part of an idiomatic expression. These will often, but not always be informal in register:
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2. Phrasal verbs:
Phrasal verbs are frequently tested in Part 1 of this paper. You need to look out for missing verbs or prepositions/particles:
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3. Collocations
The missing word will often be part of a set collocational phrase. This exercise includes a mixture of collocations':
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4. Binomials
In the Multiple Choice Cloze you will often come across many set expressions that consist of two words connected with 'and'. For example, 'here and there', 'by and large'. One of these words will sometimes be gapped:
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5. Similes
The missing word might be part of a simile, a way of saying something is like another thing. The phrase might use 'like' or 'as ... as':
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Dos and don'ts


Read the title (if one exists) and text through first of all. Try to anticipate what should go in the gap before you look at the 4 options. Don't leave the answer sheet blank for any question. If you don't know the correct answer you should always make a guess.

How to improve


As with all the other parts of this Paper you should endeavour to read as much as possible in English. If you want extra practice with similar exercises then consider signing up for CPE Exam Success Plus!

Try a test


Try an online Reading and Use of English Part 1 (Multiple Choice Cloze) test in the 'Practice Tests' area.



Print off a mark sheet to keep a record of your scores.

When you've finished these exercises try an online Use of English Part 1 (Multiple Choice Cloze) test in the 'Practice Tests' area.

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