CPE Reading & Use of English

Part 1: Multiple Choice Cloze

5) Similes

Complete each of the following sentences by choosing the correct word (A-D).

1) I was the only one who turned up at the party in fancy dress and I stood out like a ........ thumb.
A) bruised
B) swollen
C) sore
D) painful

2) My joke about the alcoholic went down like a lead ......... There was just an embarrassed silence.
A) balloon
B) ball
C) weight
D) load

3) His father always smoked like a ........ and yet always seemed to be in good health.
A) pipe
B) chimney
C) fire
D) candle

4) Our teacher at school used to have eyes like a(n) ........ and would always spot if someone was misbehaving in class.
A) kite
B) hawk
C) eagle
D) owl

5) It might not be the most popular tourist destination but the country is thought to be as safe as ........ for visitors.
A) houses
B) flats
C) blocks
D) sheds

6) Physically John is as ........ as nails but suffers from a lack of confidence.
A) solid
B) tough
C) hard
D) strong

7) The film was as ........ as dishwater and we decided to leave before the end.
A) drab
B) grim
C) dull
D) flat

8) We'll need to make sure the car is as ........ as a whistle on the day of the wedding.
A) tidy
B) clean
C) bright
D) shiny



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