CPE Reading & Use of English

Part 1: Multiple Choice Cloze

1) Idiomatic Expressions

Complete each of the following sentences by choosing the correct word (A-D).

1) Not getting the promotion felt like a real kick in the ........ as I'd put in so much hard work for the company.

A) head
B) teeth
C) leg
D) back

2) Could somebody please help me as I am at the end of my ........ over next door's barking dog.
A) tether
B) leash
C) lead
D) rope

3) I hope readers have enjoyed this article and that it has offered some ........ for thought.
B) dough
C) food
D) grains

4) I went ........ on a limb for you, and this is how you thank me!
B) out
C) away
D) back

5) He ran up three flights of stairs and wasn't the slightest bit out of breath even though he's no ........ chicken.
B) young
C) fresh
D) baby

6) My husband just won't be told. He'll argue about something till he's .......... in the face.
B) white
C) red
D) blue

7) An old warehouse in Brighton has been given a new ........ of life as a youth centre following government funding.
B) run
C) lease
D) grant

8) The athlete had been dropped from the team the previous year and clearly had an axe to ......... as she felt this had been totally unjustified.
B) grind
C) hone
D) shine



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