CPE Reading & Use of English

Part 1: Multiple Choice Cloze

2) Phrasal Verbs

Complete each of the following sentences by choosing the correct word (A-D).

1) The team have been slogging ........ at developing the new software and some unbelievable apps for our clients.
A) around
B) away
C) off
D) through

2) Why have some states in the east of the country ........ behind others in improving agricultural production?
A) dropped
B) lagged
C) straggled
D) sagged

3) Ever since he got a job in that restaurant he comes home reeking ........ fried food.
A) from
B) in
C) with
D) of

4) It took me a while to ........ on to the pleasures of spicy food but now I love it.
A) satin
B) cotton
C) wool
D) nylon

5) When someone goaded her ....... quitting an activity she would go out of her way to do it even more.
A) into
B) onto
C) at
D) to

6) Talks are continuing between the two countries to try to ........ out details of the cease-fire.
A) expand
B) pad
C) flesh
D) broaden

7) Somehow I managed to muddle ........ my exams and got the grades I needed to get to university.
A) over
B) between
C) through
D) around

8) Growth in the economy may have ........ out, but inflation will remain a persistent problem.
A) fallen
B) bottomed
C) based
D) flattened



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