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About Part 2 Open Cloze


You will read an authentic text which has 8 gaps. For each gap you have to add the missing word. In the exam you transfer your answer to a special answer sheet. Part 2 tests your knowledge of grammar, grammatical and lexical patterns, and collocations at the highest level. Note that the spelling of the missing word MUST be correct. You get one mark for every correct answer in this part.

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1. Pronouns/Relative pronouns/Reflexive pronouns
Words like 'you', 'her', 'which', 'itself', 'other' may be the missing word but, unlike at FCE level, these pronouns may occur in quite complex sentences. Try our mini-test for some examples:
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2. Articles and Determiners/Quantifiers
Articles, 'a', 'the' and quantifiers like, 'much', 'many', 'fewer', 'all', 'enough', 'either' etc. are often required. Again, they may be part of a grammatical or lexical pattern that you will be expected to know. E.g. 'either way'. You may find formal uses of these words, e.g. 'Language exams have done MUCH to shape teaching methodology', or 'No FEWER than 10 people were hurt in the crash'. Click here for more practice:
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3. Conjunctions and linking words or phrases
Conjunctions such as 'since' or 'despite' may appear in this part. However, your knowledge of linking phrases, not just words, like 'For the most part........' or 'After all that........' is more commonly tested:
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4. Prepositional phrases and phrasal verbs
A preposition may be the missing word, particularly from a common phrase, such as 'come AS no surprise'. In a phrasal verb you will find that either the verb or the preposition is gapped:
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5 Collocations
This category includes verb/noun collocations, such as 'shed light on (a subject)' or 'come into close contact (with someone)'. More collocations are practised here:
Online Exercise | Print Version

Dos and don'ts


Read the text through carefully before you start filling in the missing words. Take your time and look closely at the context before deciding on your answer. You have to look as far back as the previous sentence, for example. Remember that there may be more than one correct answer for a gap, but write only one! Write your answer in capital letters on the answer sheet. Double-check your spelling.

How to improve


The best way to improve your proficiency in English at this level is to read as much as you possibly can in English and make a mental or written note of key phrases or language 'chunks'. If you want extra practice with similar exercises then consider signing up for CPE Exam Success Plus!

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Print off a mark sheet to keep a record of your scores.

When you've finished these exercises try an online Use of English Part 1 (Multiple Choice Cloze) test in the 'Practice Tests' area.

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