CPE Reading & Use of English

Part 1: Multiple Choice Cloze

3) Collocations

Complete each of the following sentences by choosing the correct word (A-D).

1) The two young fighters fought toe to toe and both showed ........ determination.
A) grim
B) strong
C) harsh
D) mean

2) I would like to welcome you all on this auspicious ........, the 25th anniversary of the founding of our company.
A) occasion
B) moment
C) meeting
D) gathering

3) As a conservative ........ I think we need to put aside £4,000 for the wedding.
A) forecast
B) approximation
C) guess
D) estimate

4) Both parents were unemployed and the family had a ......... lifestyle.
A) cautious
B) frugal
C) careful
D) tight

5) The car screeched to a ........ at the junction and two men jumped out and ran down the street.
A) halt
B) stop
C) end
D) standstill

6) The two former business partners have been sworn ........ since one of them left the company in debt and fled abroad.
A) antagonists
B) rivals
C) enemies
D) competitors

7) I'd been in ........ pain with toothache all weekend and was desperate to find a dentist.
A) agonizing
B) shooting
C) excruciating
D) maddening

8) I was ........ tempted to report his incompetence to my line manager otherwise the whole team would suffer.
A) highly
B) sorely
C) greatly
D) urgently



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