CPE Reading & Use of English

Part 1: Multiple Choice Cloze

4) Binomials

Complete each of the following sentences by choosing the correct word (A-D).

1) The project has progressed in ........ and starts due to a constant change in funding.
A) wits
B) bits
C) fits
D) sits

2) The strike at the bank left customers high and ........ over the weekend, with many unable to make withdrawals.
A) shy
B) fly
C) sly
D) dry

3) The rank and ........ are totally against the new working practices and trade union leaders are to meet management to discuss the matter.
A) group
B) line
C) rave
D) file

4) Every ........ and cranny of their place is full of ornaments, photo frames and paintings.
A) hook
B) nook
C) look
D) book

5) The contract will be ........ and void until signed and dated by both parties.
A) null
B) nullified
C) nought
D) nill

6) The appliance has suffered a normal amount of ........ and tear over the years but is still in perfect working order.
A) marks
B) harm
C) wear
D) scratches

7) They ........ and saved all year and finally had enough to pay for a family holiday.
A) shrunk
B) cramped
C) scrimped
D) stored

8) Steve won the bet fair and ........ so I think you should give him the money.
A) proper
B) square
C) honest
D) true



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