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Preliminary English Test: Reading Practice Tests

Reading is tested in Paper 1 of the Preliminary English Test. There are 5 reading tasks and we've included practice tests for each part below. We'll be adding more tests soon.

Reading Practice Tests

Part 1: Three Option Multiple Choice
Part 2: Matching
Part 3: True False
Part 4: Four Option Multiple Choice
Part 5: Multiple Choice Cloze

More Preliminary English Test Reading Exercises

Here are some more materials to help you improve your reading skills and get the highest scores possible in your PET Reading practice tests.

Synonyms and the Multiple Choice Cloze
In Part 5 of the PET Reading Paper you complete a text with ten missing words. You have to choose one word from a choice of four (A, B, C or D). These missing words will often be synonyms, words that have a similar meaning like 'cheap' and 'inexpensive'. These quizzes will give you practice in the use of synonyms.

Collocations and the Multiple Choice Cloze
The Part 5 multiple choice cloze in the PET Reading test will often test you on collocations. Collocations are words that go together such as 'play golf' (not x 'make golf' x) or a 'sore throat' (not x 'painful throat' x). These quizzes will give you practice in verb + noun collocations.


Study Tip

Each time you try a task from the Reading Paper of the Preliminary English Test keep a record of your score. If you're studying at a school the record will show your teacher which areas you need extra help with. Clearly this student needs more practice in Part 3 and 4:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5







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