PET Practice Test

PET (Cambridge English B1: Preliminary) Reading Part 5 Multiple Choice Practice Test

For each question, choose the correct answer.

Lucky Escape

After having (1) ........ their money for years the Clarke family were finally in a position to see their dream come true. They were ready to travel from Scotland to start a new life (2) ........ America.

The (3) ........ family were looking forward to it. Unfortunately, just days before their departure, one of their sons was bitten by a dog. They were told they would not be able to travel because of the possibility the boy could have rabies.

The father went to the docks to watch the ship that he had hoped would (4) ........ them to their new life depart. As he stood on the harbour thinking about his son, he watched the ship and wondered if the family would ever get to make the journey.

However, soon after this disappointment the father (5) ........ how lucky the family had been. The son did not have rabies and a few days (6) ........ the news came that the ship the Clarke family should have been on, The Titanic, had sunk.