PET Practice Test

PET (Cambridge English B1: Preliminary) Reading Part 4 Gapped Text Practice Test

Five sentences have been removed from the text below. For each question (1-5), choose the correct answer (A-H) There are three extra sentences which you do not need to use


A. There are websites where people can arrange to meet up.

B. If your car is this old it may need replacing.

C. Make sure you carry out basic maintenance like checking the tyre pressure regularly.

D. Try making more use of public transport.

E. These problems mainly affect the city centres.

F. All that extra weight will put more pressure on the engine.

G. But sometimes it's difficult for us to do the right thing.

H. They can also advise you on safer driving.

How to Save Petrol and the Environment

We all know how important it is to protect the environment. 1) For example, if you're a motorist jumping in the car to go somewhere is balanced against the knowledge of how harmful each journey can be. But did you know that making a few simple changes to your driving habits will not only do less damage to our world but will also save you money and could even be good for your health?


Do you really need to take the car? 2) If the service is reliable you'll soon get used to using buses and trains. In fact, for shorter journeys why not take the opportunity to get into shape and go on foot.


Why not share the journey! How often do you see cars with just one occupant with the driver making the same journey as others living nearby? Why not car share and half the cost of the journey? 3)


Try changing your habits. When you must use the car plan your journey so you can go to all the places you need to visit rather taking the car out again and again. If you get caught in a traffic jam switch off the engine when you're stationary for a long time. Try not to brake too sharply or accelerate too quickly as this will lead to you using up more fuel. On cold mornings don't warm up the engine before you start your journey and when you next put fuel in your car think about whether you really need to fill up the tank. 4)


Taking care of your car is very important. 5) And keep your car regularly serviced so that it runs as efficiently as possible.


Steps like this will save you money and help you do your bit to protect the environment.