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Exam Success Plus

The flexible online resource for Cambridge Exam students


Each level of Exam Success Plus is organised into two 13-week blocks - Series 1 and Series 2. Each series has an identical structure but contains completely different tasks and exercises. At the start of every week during the series new material is added. Series 1 and 2 are repeated once a year and run parallel to the main Flo-Joe website. Please use the links below to see the syllabus for each level and our main calendar for details and key starting and finish dates.

See the Exam Success Plus Calendar: designed to take your students right up until the week of the exam.

Student Feedback

"I only want to tell you thanks very much! You have created an incredibly useful site that helped me in many ways. I learnt new vocabulary, practiced my grammar and tested myself using the mock exams.It also cheered me up when I was feeling too worried about the exam. I took FCE last December and I'm waiting for the results. I think I'll pass, because I did very well at Reading and Use of English. I'll let you know as soon as I get the results! Again, thank you very much. You have a wonderful teaching style. Serious but relaxed, that I really appreciate. See you soon!"
Adriana, Argentina

"I was very pleased with the two series. I hope to set up the exam next June. Meanwhile I will continue to revise both series and follow courses at school."
I. Maire, Switzerland