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The flexible online resource for Cambridge Exam students



1. Are there any special hardware or software requirements to access EXAM SUCCESS Plus?
No. Your students just need access to a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone with internet access.

2. How many hours of instruction is included each week in EXAM SUCCESS Plus?
We estimate it will take the average student around 2 hours to complete all of the tests, exercises and tasks within each weekly unit.

3. What's the difference between Series 1 and Series 2?
Series 1 and Series 2 are two separate packages, each with different tests, exercises and tasks, which run one after the other. Each series lasts 13 weeks. The dates of when each series is running are shown in the calendar.

4. When is new material added to the series?
The materials are added each week on Sunday evening GMT so they are ready from the start of each week for your students to access. Materials from previous weeks are archived so that students can go back and review the tasks and exercises as many times as they like.

5. What if I have any problems getting my students set up?
If you have a technical problem you can email us at: info@flo-joe.co.uk and we will do our best to help.

6. Does my institution have to commit to just one type of access?
No, our two types of access are designed to give you maximum flexibility, and if you want to purchase more than one level (FCE, CAE and CPE) then you can mix and match both purchasing options. For example, a common scenario for a school with a large number of upper-intermediate students would be to purchase FCE Type 2. If the same school had smaller numbers of advanced students it might wish to purchase a group of individual user accounts for CAE and CPE (Type 1).

Type 1 Accounts

1. How do my students access EXAM SUCCESS PLUS?
Type 1 (individual user accounts) requires your students to register their unique username and password. Once their password has been approved by us (within 24 hous) they will be able to access their account from any device with internet access, whether it's within your institution or at home. All users must have a valid email address so they we can send them reminders before their account expires and/or their password details if a student loses his/her account details. (See Q4.)

2. Can one account be used by more than one student?
No. An account is valid for one student only.

3. Do my students have to join right at the start of a Series?
No, you can sign students up at any time in the current series, even in the final week if you wish. All the exercises and tests from previous weeks are put in an archive so they are available for them to use for the full duration of their password account (13 weeks/91 days).

4. What happens if a student forgets his/her password?
When a students visits our login page he or she will be able to request that a new password is sent to them. Please encourage them to keep their username and password details secure and not to share them with other students.

Type 2 Accounts

1. How do my students access EXAM SUCCESS PLUS?
Type 2 (institutional access) does not require individual students to register. Users are able to enter the EXAM SUCCESS PLUS area because our system is set up to recognise your institution's IP address.

2. What is an IP address and how do I find out the IP address of my institution?
Every machine on the Internet has a unique identifying number, called an IP Address. A typical IP address looks like this:
with four sections separated by periods and each section contains a number ranging from 0 to 255. IP address recognition avoids the inconvenience of your students having to remember a username and password to gain access, which makes it extremely useful for web-based services such as Exam Success Plus that are purchased for an entire building or campus. Your Computing Officer/IT Department should be able to supply you with the IP address(es) of the computers in your institution and confirm whether or not a proxy server is in use. Alternatively, please supply us with the name and contact details of your IT Department if you would prefer us to liaise with them directly.

3. Who is allowed to access ESP?
Any student or teacher from a device within the institution. This system is ideal if you have large numbers of English language learners who will wish to access Exam Success Plus and not just exam students.

4. What happens to the previous series when the next one starts?
Each series is live for 13 weeks. At the beginning of the next series the previous series is no longer available until the next cycle.

5. How does the price banding system work?
Institutions vary a great deal in size and the banding system is set up to be fair to institutions. It is a simplified version of the guidelines provided by JISC, an independent advisory body that works with further and higher education in the UK by providing strategic guidance, advice and opportunities to use ICT to support learning, teaching, research and administration.

6. My institution is outside the UK. How do I find out which banding I belong to?
Please get in touch through our order form and we will try to help.

Student Feedback

"I only want to tell you thanks very much! You have created an incredibly useful site that helped me in many ways. I learnt new vocabulary, practiced my grammar and tested myself using the mock exams.It also cheered me up when I was feeling too worried about the exam. I took FCE last December and I'm waiting for the results. I think I'll pass, because I did very well at Reading and Use of English. I'll let you know as soon as I get the results! Again, thank you very much. You have a wonderful teaching style. Serious but relaxed, that I really appreciate. See you soon!"
Adriana, Argentina

"I was very pleased with the two series. I hope to set up the exam next June. Meanwhile I will continue to revise both series and follow courses at school."
I. Maire, Switzerland