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Exam Success Plus

The flexible online resource for Cambridge Exam students

Scenarios of Use

How can you tell if Exam Success Plus is the right package for your institution? Our regular feedback from language schools, colleges and universities via the main Flo-Joe website has given us an excellent insight into the demands faced by teachers and managers on a daily basis. So, if any of the following (real-life) scenarios sound familiar to you, then we might just be able to help!

Bored, worried or anxious exam students?

1. Your institution has a relatively large number of exam candidates each year but many of them become bored, worried or stressed out as the exam day draws nearer. As a teacher you have the added burden of trying to keep them motivated for the duration of their course.

Exam Success Plus provides week-by-week practice designed to help your students stay on track right up until the big day. Our aim is to create focused, independent learners and to relieve busy teachers like yourself from some of the pressure!

Economic realities?

2. You run a small language school with only 5 FCE students this year. You cannot afford to run a dedicated exam class yet don't want to turn away potential students.

Exam Success Plus allows you to offer an exam-specific strand of a general English course to cater for those students who have signed up for an exam class.

Offering remote access?

3. You would like to offer distance learning opprtunities for students. These might be students who have booked to attend classes at your institution but would like to start work before they arrive - or they may be required to return home for a period of time. Alternatively you have students who can only attend classes for a limited time every week and would like further preparation for their exam.

Exam Success Plus is fully online. If you opt for our Type 1 licence, students will have their own individual account and will be able to login from anywhere with an internet connection. Exam Success Plus will help you build a relationship with your students before they arrive or during any gaps in their attendance.

Changing markets, widening provision?

4. As well as the traditional B2: First (FCE), C1: Advanced (CAE) or C2: Proficiency (CPE) students your institution is experiencing demand for a wider range of English Language courses e.g. English to support students while they study (EAP), English for business and commerce, or English to help people function in the wider community (ESOL).

Exam Success Plus is a flexible self-study resource that can be used not only by FCE, CAE or CPE exam students in your institution, but also by candidates for other skills-based exams from Cambridge English. Exams like IELTS, the Business English Certificate (BEC) or the Certificate in Language Skills (CELS) do not test grammar and vocabulary explicitly, but candidates for these exams can still benefit from the systematic approach to language improvement embodied within Exam Success Plus.

Even non-exam students who simply want to improve their grammar, vocabulary and reading and writing skills in a systematic yet fun way can benefit - whether they are studying English to help them with their degree courses or to enhance their future employment prospects.

Underused self-access centre?

5. You have been wondering for some time if you can make even better use of your self-access facilities, whether your institution houses its resources in a library, dedicated IT suite or open learning centre.

Exam Success Plus gives you the chance to put your IT facilities to better use, taking some of the strain away from you, the busy teacher. Let your computers work harder instead of you! If you opt for a Type 2 licence, students will be able to access Exam Success Plus from anywhere within your institution connected to your wifi system using your own or their own devices. In this scenario, students can work in class on their exam preparation using smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Expectations about e-learning?

6. The management team in your institution is keen on e-learning and wants to see teachers incorporating new learning technologies into their teaching. Your institution may have already invested in a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) platform - such as Blackboard or WebCT - or developed a student intranet, yet staff lack confidence in using it and do not have the time to create online materials from scratch.

Exam Success Plus offers a way to become involved in e-learning but without major development costs to your institution or the need for a massive teacher development programme. (By the way, we prefer the term 'blended learning' to 'e-learning'.) What we do hope is that seeing our range of interactive resources will inspire you to explore the role of technology in your own professional development.

Student Feedback

"I've found it very helpful and challenging...I've decided to register to the second part of your CAE Exam Success Plus."
M. Pluta, Poland

"I have a subscription for the CAE preparation and I think is great, [it] is helping me a lot"
A. P. Pinheiro, UK

"Last weekend I signed in your course and I must tell you that this is the best place for preparing for the CAE!"
M. Gapinska, Poland

"I am a very loyal user of the flo-joe.com, I think it is very helpful... Thanks again for your excellent work!"
L. Li, UK

"The sites are really amazing and they show how much you care. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!! and I think I say it on behalf of a lot of worried students that found a new approach to learning and the support and practice they were looking for!!!"
M. Zaffaroni, Argentina

"Excellent site!!!!! Excellent work!! Well done!!!!"
K. Andrianopoulos, Greece