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Product Description

What's in each package?

Exam Success Plus is an online resource that is available at three separate Cambridge exam levels - FCE, CAE and CPE. Here's what your students will be able to do every week when they visit each Exam Success Plus area:

  • Do exam-level practice to learn and consolidate two grammar and/or vocabulary areas, in Spotlight Paper 1 Plus (supported by its own grammar reference section tailored to the testing features of the exam the students are preparing for.).
  • Write an exam-style task, using our comprehensive guidelines, and compare it with a model answer containing highlighted illustrations of useful words and expressions, hints on paragraph organisation, content and register, in Writing Class Plus
  • See how ready they are to face their exam by doing an exam-style Practice Test for one of the parts from Paper 1 Reading and Use of English, in Practice Tests Plus
  • Tackle a 25-question revision test of all the phrasal verbs, word formation and collocation exercises that were featured in Flo-Joe's Word Bank the previous week, in Word of the Day Plus

In short, each level of Exam Success Plus is designed to:

  • build reading skills systematically
  • encourage the development of sound writing skills through a process approach
  • enhance grammatical and lexical knowledge with the result that students feel thoroughly confident in facing the Reading, Writing and Use of English papers.

Managing the learning process

Each level of Exam Success Plus is organised into two 13-week blocks - Series 1 and Series 2. Each series has an identical structure but contains completely different tasks and exercises. During the period that each series is published new material is added at the start of every week.

Series 1 and 2 are repeated once a year and run parallel to the main Flo-Joe website. See our main calendar for details and key starting and finish dates.

The 13-week structure is designed to give you the flexibility to cater for students on both long and short courses, and to fit seamlessly into your exam preparation classes.

The week-by-week approach offers a number of benefits to you and your students in managing the learning process:

  • The 'drip-feed' approach to learning encourages your students to stay motivated right up until the day of the exam.
  • Unlike many static self-study resources, your students get fresh material each week. Furthermore, they cannot race ahead of you or other students!
  • Our archive system allows students to catch up on missed weeks, to come in part-way through a series, or to continue practising again and again until they know the language and structures off by heart.

Easy to implement, easy to use

At Flo-Joe we've always worked really hard to produce good-quality resources that require the minimum of effort to implement and use, and that's also the philosophy behind the Exam Success Plus series. So here are some things you won't find in any of the packages:

  • A complicated installation process on your computer network
  • Pages that take ages to download
  • The need to download plug-ins or additional bits of software to view any of the pages
  • Any restrictions on the number of times your students can do each test

So what do you and your students get instead?

  • Pages that can be accessed quickly and easily through PC, Mac, tablet or mobile phone - just in the same way that the main Flo-Joe site is viewed. All your students need is an internet-ready device.
  • Tests that give instant feedback and can be done over and over again.
  • A fun and motivating supplement to exam coursebooks and practice books.

Why are we so concerned about all these issues? Because we believe that accessibilty is of primary importance to anyone who uses the web, and especially to people using the web for educational purposes. Learners need to be able to have easy access to learning resources at times when the teacher can't be available. Teachers need the reassurance of knowing that they are recommending a robust resource to their students, and one which doesn't require a huge degree of technical know-how on either part.

More advantages of Exam Success Plus

There is just one more important point to mention:

  • Because Exam Success Plus is online, it means we can update it whenever the Cambridge exams are modified

This means that we can guarantee Exam Success Plus:

  • will always be in line with the latest exam specifications
  • will include up-to-date practice for the CPE set text option in the Writing Paper, so you have no need to worry about students studying for the wrong book!

Interested in how Exam Success Plus can work in the real world? Visit our Scenarios of use page for a practical guide.

Student Feedback

"I've found it very helpful and challenging...I've decided to register to the second part of your CAE Exam Success Plus."
M. Pluta, Poland

"I have a subscription for the CAE preparation and I think is great, [it] is helping me a lot"
A. P. Pinheiro, UK

"Last weekend I signed in your course and I must tell you that this is the best place for preparing for the CAE!"
M. Gapinska, Poland

"I am a very loyal user of the flo-joe.com, I think it is very helpful... Thanks again for your excellent work!"
L. Li, UK

"The sites are really amazing and they show how much you care. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!! and I think I say it on behalf of a lot of worried students that found a new approach to learning and the support and practice they were looking for!!!"
M. Zaffaroni, Argentina

"Excellent site!!!!! Excellent work!! Well done!!!!"
K. Andrianopoulos, Greece