CPE Articles and Determiners/Quantifiers
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Complete each of the following sentences with the correct article or determiner.

1. After borrowing two thousand pounds from you, the very ........ she could do is offer to pay back a little each month.

2. ........ as I hate to do this, weíll have to cancel the party if more people donít respond.

3. She wants to travel the world eventually but above ........ her priority is to finish her degree course.

4. John doesnít have many friends, just a select ........, who tend to go along with everything he says.

5. Valerie and Simon canít decide whether to make their home in France or Australia. ........ way it will mean sacrifices for one of them.

6. In England, polo is a sport that is associated with ........ rich and powerful.

7. As a junior doctor there was ........ a time when I had to seek a second opinion from my superiors before I made a diagnosis.

8. The company has had ........ of its employees taking sick leave and it has decided to crack down on absenteeism.

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