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Cambridge English: Preliminary

Vocabulary practice for the Cambridge PET exam

Vocabulary for the Preliminary English Test

Welcome to our new '4 steps' vocabulary area for the Cambridge Preliminary English Test (PET). Each week we'll add a new vocabulary lesson to help you face the exam with confidence.

Clothes & Clothing

In this unit learn the words to describe items of clothing and clothing accessories and practise the order of adjectives when talking about clothes.
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Why '4 Steps'?

Find out how to get the most from our vocabulary exercises using our 4 Steps' approach. The difficulty of learning new vocabulary is using new words and expressions in sentences or statements of your own. Here is how our 4 steps approach is designed to help you:

Step 1: The easy bit! Choose the correct word from a list.

Step 2: Then remember the word in order to complete a sentence.

Step 3: Practise the new word or expression in sentences of your own.

Step 4: Finally, use our 'Study Tip', Writing or Speaking Practice at the bottom of each page to help you use the vocabulary in your PET preparation. (See below)

Study Tip, Writing and Speaking Practice

At the bottom of most pages you'll find a box like this. Depending upon the section you're in these will offer suggestions to practise various skills. You might have the chance to practise new vocabulary or grammar in a typical Preliminary English Test Writing task. Sometimes we'll give you ideas for Speaking practice. Try to find time to do these exercises as they will give you valuable preparation for the exam AND help you develop your English.