Flo-Joe for Cambridge English Exams

Cambridge English: Preliminary

Vocabulary practice for the Cambridge PET exam

Clothing Vocabulary: Accessories

On this page you will practise some of the vocabulary to describe clothing accessories.


Complete each definition with the correct word:

A) A round fastener found on many items of clothing.
This is used to tighten shoes.
C) The word to describe the arm on shirts, jackets and jumpers.
D) This is the place in a jacket and trousers where you can keep your money.
E) A metal fastener you pull up and down on trousers, skirts or dresses.
F) This is something that goes around the waist of a pair of trousers to hold them up.
G) The part of a shirt that goes around the neck.
H) A man wears this with a shirt in formal situations.

Well done. The correct answers are: A) button, B) lace, C) sleeve, D) pocket, E) zip, F) belt, G) collar, H) tie.Your answer has been saved.Check your answer


Complete the gaps in the following sentences with the correct word.

A) The shirt was new and the was making his neck sore so he undid the top B) .
C) My grandfather's jumper is so old his elbows have made holes in both .
D) I have a job interview tomorrow and I need a that goes with this shirt.
E) There's a hole in one of my trouser and my keys must have fallen through.
F) I've definitely lost weight. I need to get myself a to hold my trousers up.
G) One of the has broken on my shoes!
H) The seems to be stuck on the back of my dress. I can't pull it down.

Well done!The correct answers are: A) collar, B) button, C) sleeves, D) tie, E) pockets, F) belt, G) laces, H) zip. Your answer has been saved.Check your answer





What's best: long sleeves or short sleeves?
What's best: zips or buttons?
What's best: slip-on shoes or shoes with laces?
What's best: a collar and tie or just a collar?


Writing Practice: Part 3

This is part of a letter you receive from an English friend.

Anyway, many thanks for the invitation to visit you this October. I'm not sure what the weather's like at that time of the year in your country. What should I bring to wear?

Now you are writing a letter to this friend.

Write your letter in about 100 words.