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Vocabulary practice for the Cambridge PET exam

Clothing Vocabulary: Adjective Order

On this page you will practise the order of adjectives when describing clothes.


Complete each definition with the correct word:

A) A coat.
A pair of trousers.
C) A jumper.
D) A scarf.
E) A shirt.
F) A skirt
G) A suit.
H) A jacket.

Well done. The order of adjectives is usually 'quality', 'colour', 'material'. The order of adjectives is usually 'quality', 'colour', 'material'. The correct answers are: A) long, brown, leather B) expensive, blue, denim C) baggy, green, woollen D) lovely, white, silk E) horrible, black, nylon F) loose, pink, cotton G) lightweight, beige, linen H) trendy, brown, suedeYour answer has been saved.Check your answer


Complete the sentences below by typing the words in the correct order. Remember to use commas where necessary.

A) I saw a (jacket/brown/suede/lovely) in town today.
B) The children have bought their Mum a (skirt/white/nice/cotton) .
C) Jackie was telling me about a (dress/fantastic/yellow/linen) she wants to buy.
D) Our teacher was wearing a (jumper/awful/red/woollen) in class today.

Well done!The correct answers are: A) lovely, brown, suede jacket. B) nice, white, cotton skirt. C) fantastic, yellow, linen dress. D) awful, red, woollen jumper.Your answer has been saved.Check your answer





What are you wearing at the moment?
What are the people around you wearing?
What's your favourite item of clothing that you own?


Study Tip, Grammar

Practise using adjectives to describe clothing. Collect some photographs from magazines showing a variety of clothing. Use 2 or 3 adjectives to describe each item of clothing putting them in the order of 'quality', then 'colour' and finally 'material'.