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Try these exercises to appreciate the various word forms that are tested in Part 3 Word Formation

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About Part 3 Word Formation


You will read a short text which has 8 gaps in total. For each gap you have to use a given 'stem' word to make the correct form of the missing word. In the exam you transfer your answer to a special answer sheet. Part 3 tests your knowledge of the way words are formed in English, including the addition of prefixes and suffixes, the formation of compound words, 'internal changes' and the spelling rules associated with all these changes!
Word Formation video tutorial

Now try our exercises


1. Parts of Speech.
Three exercises which give practice in identifying the part of speech (verb, noun, adjective, adverb) that is needed. There are three exercises in all.
Online Exercise

2. Forming nouns, verbs and adjectives.
Forming nouns, verbs and adjectives with a range of common prefixes and suffixes.
Online Exercise

3. Forming nouns
Forming nouns with less common suffixes (-dom, -hood, -ism, -ship).
Online Exercise

4. Forming compound words.
Compound words (some of which are hyphenated).
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5. Common 'internal' changes.
This exercise gives practice in word forms where you have to change the whole word before adding a suffix or prefix if needed.
Online Exercise

6. Tricky word forms.
This exercise is designed to help you with some commonly misspelt words.
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Dos and don'ts


Don't leave the answer sheet blank for any question. Remember that you may have to make 2 changes to the stem word. Make sure your spelling is correct, or you won't get a mark. Check if the meaning is positive or negative, singular or plural, or whether a spelling change is required.

How to improve


Record all the different forms of a word in your vocabulary notebook. When reading a text in English try to divide long words into their stem/root, prefix and suffix. When doing test exercises on your own you should use a dictionary to check the spelling of your answer is correct. Go to our FREE Word Bank for a different word formation exercise every day.

Try a test


Try an online Reading and Use of English Part 3 (Word Formation) test in the 'Practice Tests' area.


Print off a mark sheet to keep a record of your scores.

When you've finished these exercises try an online Use of English Part 3 (Word Formation) test in the 'Practice Tests' area.

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