CAE Exam SUccess Plus

Are You Worried About Making the Leap to the Cambridge C1: Advanced (CAE) exam?

Here's how you can bridge the gap between B2: First (FCE) and C1: Advanced (CAE) ... We guarantee to help you feel more confident to face the big day!

Dear CAE student,

You are probably nervous about facing the challenge of an 'advanced' exam. But just imagine what a difference it would make on the exam day itself if you felt really confident and knew that you had made the most of your preparation time. Just suppose you had done all the things your teacher had told you to, like practising regularly, learning high-level vocabulary and grammar structures each week, and tackling realistic exam questions in advance.

Teachers often tell their students that learning 'little and often' is best and it's absolutely true. If you have the motivation to study that bit extra every week then you WILL be able to take your language proficiency to an advanced level by the time your CAE exam arrives.

But creating the motivation to do that bit extra is the hard part…

Life is busy. You may have already passed your FCE with a good grade but you need the CAE to prove your competence in English to an employer or perhaps you need an advanced-level qualification to start the university course of your choice. Or maybe you're taking the CAE just because you like the challenge of learning English! Whatever your reason for wanting to succeed in the Advanced exam, you can get help to stay on track with a learning resource from Flo-Joe. It's called:


The support you need for the CAE exam is now here from the team that has been helping FCE and CAE students to achieve exam success for the last eight years. (But don’t just take our word for it: here’s what users from all over the world have said about us:)

"The Flo-Joe website has been amazingly helpful for me, a prospective CAE test taker. I have extensive experience in taking tests of a similar kind and I used many different products (books, software, writing classes, etc.) to be better prepared and to achieve a high score. This website is equally helpful, if not better, than many rather expensive books and downloadable software. Wonderful job!"

-Marina Jagodina, CAE student, USA

At Flo-Joe we have taken our expertise in online learning and our experience of working with exam students, and produced a managed, self-study course that comes in a convenient week-by-week programme lasting three months. Flo-Joe will help you manage your learning by publishing new, weekly activities - giving you just enough work to do to stay on track for exam success.

Here's what you'll find in CAE Exam Success Plus when you log in each week

  • extra CAE Paper 1-style practice of two advanced grammar and vocabulary points
  • a model answer for Flo-Joe's CAE Writing Class task *including the new Question 1 Essay question*
  • a brand new CAE Practice Test for one of the parts from Paper 1 (Reading and English of Use) together with essential exam strategies
  • a 25-question revision test of all the phrasal verbs, word formation and collocation exercises that were featured in Flo-Joe's CAE Word Bank that week.
  • and, just for fun, we have also included a joke in English
  • email support for any questions you may have about the exercises in Exam Success Plus
  • an invitation to join us and other students on one of our live tutorials.

In case you're wondering, all the material is archived for you each week so if you're forced to miss a week because of other commitments there's no need to worry - just catch up the following week! What about if you sign up halfway through the programme? Again, our archive system means that you will still be able to use all the material from previous weeks - for a full three months from the date that you gained your password.

And by the way, here are 3 things you won't find when you visit CAE Exam Success Plus

  1. A restriction on the number of times you can take the interactive tests: they are designed to be done over and over again.
  2. Complicated plug-ins or additional software that you have to download just to view the lessons: if you can view the main Flo-Joe site then you won't have problems with our special area.
  3. Image-heavy pages that take ages to download.

In short, we've taken all the design and learning principles that we used in the main Flo-Joe site because you've told us that that's what you like best:

"Extremely user friendly!"

-J.S.S., Educator, Folkuniversitetet, Sweden

So to recap:

Which of these areas could you benefit from?

  • Motivation and confidence-building to make the leap from FCE to CAE?
  • Help to organise your learning week by week in just the way that your teacher probably recommends?
  • Practice tests and strategy-training for CAE Reading and Use of English?
  • Model answers to show you exactly what the examiner is looking for in CAE Writing and how it's different from FCE?
  • Revision tests to reinforce key words and phrases and get your range of language up to an advanced level?
  • Coverage of advanced grammar and vocabulary points to improve your language accuracy?
  • Exam hints and advice from an examiner's perspective to help you understand the requirements of an advanced exam?
  • Live 'question and answer' tutorials with Flo-Joe to help you stay on track. (Email your questions in if you can't make them!)

The CAE Exam Success Plus programme is divided into two 13-week blocks of study. This gives you the option to sign up for one or both blocks depending on when your exam is.

Okay, so what’s the cost?

You're probably thinking "it sounds great but surely it's going to be really expensive". Not at all. Subscription to CAE Exam Success Plus is only £25.00 in total. That's about the cost of an hour's private language tuition in most countries. The reason it's not expensive is because we want as many people as possible around the world to benefit from a course which we're really excited about. It's as simple as that.

Get started now with CAE Exam Success Plus, and get ready for the CAE challenge!

Best wishes,

Fiona and Peter
Co-Founders of Flo-Joe

P.S. Just remember: with motivation to go the extra mile, exam success can be yours!

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