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KET Reading and Writing Part 7 Practice Test

Questions 41-50

Complete the email sent by a girl to her friend.
Write ONE word for each space.

Dear Lucy

We (41) having a lovely time on holiday. The weather has (42) very good and I love the food! We're going to visit my uncle and aunt tomorrow. (43) live in a little village near our hotel. If we (44) enough time we might visit some (45) our other relatives in the area.

There's a (46) of things to do here if you like sightseeing. We are going on (47) trip to the other side of the island one day and I want (48) do some shopping before I come home.
Anyway, I (49) looking forward to seeing you next week. I'll phone you as (50) as I get back.

Best wishes

Well done!The correct answers are:
41) are
42) been
43) they
44) have
45) of
46) lot
47) a
48) to
49) am
50) soon
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Exam Tip

The missing word in the Part 7 question will often be a 'grammar' word like one of the following:
A) a verb like 'be', 'do' or 'have'
B) an article (a/an/the)
C) a preposition (in/at/on etc.)
D) a pronoun (she/it/which etc.)
When you try a Part 7 question, read the text first and try to decide what kind of word is missing.