KEY Practice Test

KEY (Cambridge English A2: KEY) Reading Part 2 Multiple Matching Practice Test

For each question, choose the correct answer.



I started running when I was really young. I used to go out with my mum, who also enjoyed running. When I was 13 I joined a club and started taking part in competitions. I have never won a race but I'm improving all the time and that's the most important thing for me. Runners are lovely people and I've made so many friends since joining the club. I hope to become a trainer and help people in the future.


I spend a lot of time studying so it's important for me to do exercise in order to keep fit. So on Saturday I play football for the school girls team and then in the week I go swimming. My parents are really pleased to see me doing exercise. When I started going to swimming and football classes I hated it. But they told me I'd enjoy it if I kept going and they were right.


I don't do as much exercise as I'd like to as I don't get home from school until late so the only time left is the weekend. Also, the sports centre is a long way from our house so my mum has to drive me there everytime I want to go. I go there to do table tennis and I'm quite good at it. On Saturday I teach some of the younger children how to play and that's good fun.