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Cambridge English: Key

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KET Reading and Writing Part 2 Practice Test

Questions 6-10

Read the sentences about someone's holiday.
Choose the best word A, B or C for each space.

6. Each year Susan ........ a different city in Europe.

7. She usually goes ........ plane as she likes to fly.

8. Last year she had a guided ........ of Paris.

9. This year she is ........ a holiday to Amsterdam.

10. The flight to Amsterdam ........ about 1 hour.

Well done. The correct answers are:
A) visits
B) by
C) tour
D) planning
E) takes
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Exam Tip

When you do Part 2 tests like this look for words that go together. For example, 'to go by (plane/car/bus) and 'guided tour'. Words that go together like this are called 'collocations' and there are lots and lots of them in English. Try to learn groups of words or collocations during your studies, not just words on their own.