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KET Reading and Writing Part 3 Practice Test

Questions 11-15

Complete the five conversations.
For questions 11-15, choose A, B or C.

11. Are you ready to leave?

12. How much is that hat?

13. I forgot to bring some money.

14. What's on the TV?

15. Is it still raining?

Well done. The correct answers are:
11) A. Let's go in a little while.
12) B. I'm not sure.
13) B. It doesn't matter.
14) C. I don't know.
15) A. I think so.
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Questions 16-20

Complete the telephone conversations between two friends.
What does Sarah say to Anna?
For questions 16-20, choose the correct answer A-H

16. Anna: Have you finished the homework?

17. Anna: We had to find an advertisement we liked in a newspaper or magazine.

18. Anna: Yes. I've got this one I cut out from a magazine.

19. Anna: We have to explain why we like it in class.

20. Anna: Here's the magazine. See if there's an advertisement you like.

Well done. The correct answers are:
16) B. I didn't know we had any.
17) F. Did you find anything?
18) C. What do you have to do with the advertisement?
19) H. OK, so I need to find something for myself.
20) E. Thanks! That's really kind of you.
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Exam Tip

When you do Part 3 tests like this, first read ALL the sentences and ALL the possible answers. Sometimes the sentence before will help you choose the correct answer. Sometimes it will be the sentence after. For example, what Anna says BEFORE Q16 helps you choose the correct answer to Q16. But what Anna says AFTER Q17 helps you choose the answer to Q17.