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Writing Paper Part 2. Task Type: Review

You are looking at a magazine, which has the following announcement:

Reviews wanted!

A good book isn't great unless it has a bad guy! We're looking for reader reviews of thrilling stories with a convincing villain (or villains) at the centre of the plot.

Send in your nomination and let us know how far you would recommend the book to other readers. We'll publish the best ones next month.

Write your review based on your reading of a book of your choice. (around 140-190 words).

What you need to do to pass
Read our checklist first to understand what the examiner is looking for in a good answer.

Ideas for writing
Ask yourself the following questions to help you get started:

  • In your introduction you should mention the author, the title of the book and the type of book (the genre) it is, e.g. a love story, a ghost story, a suspense story.
  • What's the basic plot? Make notes about the key events in the book but in a review you don't usually reveal the ending!
  • Who are the villains, what role do they play and how would you describe them?
  • What type of person would this book most appeal to?

Drafting and proofreading your work

You should look at your first draft of the task and decide:

  • Have you answered the question?
  • Is the review organised in a clear and logical way?
  • Is the language correct with a good range of structures?
  • Is the style OK?
  • Will it have a positive effect on the reader?

If the answer is 'no' to any of these questions then you will need to do some more drafting!



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