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Writing Paper Part 2. Task Type: Report

Last year a new sport and leisure centre opened in your home town. You have recently received the following letter from the manager of the centre.

I am writing to all members of the Active Leisure Club to thank you for your custom over the last year. We want to make the facilities even better this year! Please send a short report to us, telling us what you think are the best and worst aspects of the club. We also want to hear your suggestions for new facilities...

Write your report to the manager of the club (around 140-190 words).

What you need to do to pass
Read our checklist first to understand what the examiner is looking for in a good answer.

Ideas for writing
Ask yourself the following questions to help you get started:

  • What facilities does the Active Leisure Club offer? Make a list of at least three things. (E.g. a swimming pool, gym, sports hall, health and beauty treatments)
  • What are the good and bad things about each of your chosen facilities? Make some notes as in the example below:
    The swimming pool
    Good point = cheap to use, and changing rooms are clean
    Bad point = not open on Sunday evenings
  • What recommendations are you going to suggest to the manager?
    Suggestion = extend the opening hours of the swimming pool and install a drinks machine for when the cafe is closed
  • How are you going to end the report in a polite way?

Drafting and proofreading your work

You should look at your first draft of the task and decide:

  • Have you answered the question?
  • Is the report organised in a clear and logical way?
  • Is the language correct with a good range of structures?
  • Is the style OK?
  • Will the manager be likely to take note of the points you have made?

If the answer is 'no' to any of these questions then you will need to do some more drafting!



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