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Writing Paper Part 2. Task Type: Essay

Should include a discussion of both the points in favour and against zoos. Include a short conclusion giving your opinion and offering an idea of your own.
Communicative achievement
Semi-formal. The teacher would be informed and would know what your own opinion is.
Could include a brief introductory paragraph. The points in the main body of the essay should be in a logical order, i.e. the positive role of zoos to begin with, the negative view later. The final paragraph should be a conclusion with an idea of your own.
Language of opinion ('In my view....'), and argument and comparison ('On the one hand....'; 'However, a major criticism is ....'). Aim for a variety of language (e.g. advantages and disadvantages = pros and cons; pluses and minuses). Should not contain major errors that lead to misunderstandings or that irritate the reader.


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