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Cambridge English: First

An introduction to the Cambridge FCE exam

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Time allowed: 1 hour 15 minutes

Part Task type Focus Questions
1: Multiple Choice Cloze A text with eight gaps. Candidates choose the correct missing words by answering eight multiple-choice questions with four options.
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Collocation, phrasal verbs, idioms, phrases 8
2: Open cloze A text with eight gaps. Candidates fill in the missing words.
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Mainly grammatical items with some focus on vocabulary 8
3: Word formation A text with eight gaps. Candidates form the missing words from the given stem words.
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Prefixes and suffixes, compound words 8
4: Key word transformation Six separate questions, each containing a lead-in sentence, followed by a 'key word' and a second (gapped) sentence. Candidates complete the second sentence in two to five words, and must include the 'key word'.
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Vocabulary and grammar 6
5: Multiple choice A text followed by six multiple-choice questions with four options: A, B, C or D. understand detail, opinion, gist, attitiude, meaning, tone, purpose and main ideas. 6
6. Gapped text A text with missing sentences; candidates choose the sentence order from a jumbled list. understand text organisation (how language achieves cohesion and coherence). 6
7. Multiple matching One or several texts with prompt questions; candidates match the prompt to the relevant section of the text(s). understand specific information, detail, opinion and attitude. 10

Table: FCE Paper 1 Reading and Use of English