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Writing Paper Part 2. Task Type: Essay

Should include a summary of the key points in each text. The essay should also include an evaluation of these key points including the writer's own views on the subject.
Communicative achievement
Should be fairly formal as that is consistent with the requirements of an academic essay. The reader would get a clear summary of the two texts along with the writer's point of view.
SThe essay must be divided into clear paragraphs and these should be linked appropriately. The format should be that of a standard essay, i.e. without headings in the body of the essay
Language of evaluation, discussion, comparison (between the two texts) narrative (use of a personal anecdote) and speculation (possible results of various schemes). Vocabulary for describing working conditions (e.g. 'part-time/full-time', 'job sharing scheme', 'flexible working conditions', 'homeworker/homeworking' etc.) could be used. Does not have to be completely accurate but any errors should be minimal.


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