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Writing Paper Part 1. Task Type: Essay

Your class has been discussing the topic of copyright and the free downloading of books, music and videos without permission. You have made the notes below:

Key issues:
  • copyright laws support creative people.
  • the Internet makes file sharing easy.
  • books, films and videos can be over-priced.
Some opinions expressed in the discussion:
  • Some things I download I would never have paid for anyway.
  • New business models will deal with the issue.
  • Artists are poorly rewarded and need protection.

Write an essay discussing TWO of the issues regarding file sharing in your notes. You should explain which issue is more important, giving reasons in support of your answer.

What you need to do to pass
Read our checklist first to understand what the examiner is looking for in a good answer.

Ideas for writing
Ask yourself the following questions to help you get started:

  • What reasons can you give why the two issues you have chosen are important? For example: 'copyright protects the artist's work', 'companies charge too much for CDs and books'.
  • Which of the issues you have chosen is most important and why? For example: 'Artists need to accept that downloading is here to stay and should change their business model'.
  • Do any of the three opinions expressed in the task mirror your own view? How could you express these in your own words if you wanted to use any of them?

Drafting and proofreading your work

You should look at your first draft of the task and decide:

  • Have you responded to the arguments in the notes appropriately?
  • Is the essay organised in a clear and logical way?
  • Is the language accurate with a good range of structures?
  • Is the style appropriate and consistent?
  • Will the reader enjoy reading your essay?

If the answer is 'no' to any of these questions then you will need to do some more drafting!


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