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Writing Paper Part 2. Task Type: Review

Should include a quick introduction to the book, its setting and a short overview of the story. Should include a description of certain events in the book that give the reader an insight into the main character(s). Should also state what kind of reader the book would appeal to.
Communicative achievement
Should be fairly neutral or informal in register as that is consistent with the requirements of a review. The reader would be informed and would understand why you have made your choice.
The title of the book should be included in your answer early on. There should be a brief introduction with information about the setting, a clear development of the review (with some plot summary where necessary) and a separate conclusion to sum up.
Language of summary, personal opinion and justification ('In my view....'; 'One of the most important events is when....') Does not have to be completely accurate but any errors should be minimal.

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