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Writing Paper Part 2. Task Type: Letter to a Friend

Should include a description of the places your friend's family could visit. These should include places that would appeal to both the adults and the children.
Communicative achievement
Informal. Contracted forms (e.g. 'I'd' instead of 'I would') are acceptable, as are exclamation marks. The tone should be polite, however. The friend would be informed and have enough information about what's available to make holiday plans.
Should have the layout of an informal letter, with appropriate beginning and ending (e.g. 'Dear Bob', 'Best wishes' or 'With love'). Should start and end with a friendly comment. Use a maximum of three or four paragraphs.
N.B. In the exam there is no need to write addresses.
Language of description and recommendation. Vocabulary related to holidays. Should not contain major errors that lead to misunderstandings or that irritate the reader.

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