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Contractions in Informal Letters for the Preliminary English Test

On this page we will look at using contractions in your informal letter (PET Writing Part 3).


In the Part 3 Writing task you have the choice of writing an informal letter. Using contractions like 'I'm' instead of 'I am' or 'she's' instead of 'she is' will help create an informal style.

Contract the words in brackets in the following letter:

Dear Claire

(It is) great to hear from you. (I am) so pleased that you passed your exam. (You are) a very clever student!

Anyway, (I have) got my summer holiday coming soon and I was wondering if (you would) like to come and stay with me for a week. (We will) be able to do some travelling and hopefully enjoy some lovely weather. And as (we are) planning to take FCE next year we can practise our English!

Write back soon and tell me what you think. My parents send their love and say (they would) love to meet you.

Best wishes


Well done!The correct answers are: It's great ..., I'm so pleased ..., You're a very clever ..., I've got my summer ..., you'd like to come ...., We'll be able to ..., we're planning ..., they'd love to meet you! Your answer has been saved.Check your answer


Study Tip!

Find a story book at your level and check how the author uses contractions. You will probably find that they are used most often in dialogue. Practise using contractions in your informal letters.