Flo-Joe for Cambridge English Exams

Cambridge English: Preliminary

Vocabulary practice for the Cambridge PET exam

Towns and Cities Vocabulary

On this page you will practise some of the vocabulary to describe towns and cities.


Complete each definition with the correct words:

A) You will find lots of shops here.
Go here to catch a train.
C) Somewhere to go for evening entertainment.
D) Go to this place to keep fit.
E) Similar to but smaller than a hotel.
F) Go here for something nice to eat.
G) Here you can see interesting objects, sometimes from a long time ago.
H) You might go here if you become ill or you suffer an injury.
Visit this building to see works of art.
J) A public garden or area of land where you can relax.

Well done. The correct answers are: A) city centre, B) station, C) nightclub, D) gym, E) guesthouse, F) restaurant, G) museum, H) hospital, I) gallery, J) park.Your answer has been saved.Check your answer





Complete the gaps in the following sentences with one of the words from the previous quiz. These words were:


A) My friend is in at the moment with a broken leg.
We saw some lovely paintings by local artists in that .
C) I usually take my dog for a walk in the becuase she likes to run around.
D) The is always busy at the weekend when people go shopping.
E) I've heard the food's good so I might book a table in that for my birthday.
F) I've stopped going to the . I've not been feeling like doing exercise.
G) I love dancing and often go to a on a Saturday night.
H) It's only a ten minute walk from my house to the train .
I) We stayed in a lovely for three nights on our holiday.
J) They have an exhibition of old coins in that . Let's go and have a look.

Well done!The correct answers are: A) hospital, B) gallery, C) park, D) city centre, E) restaurant, F) gym, G) nightclub, H) station, I) guest house, J) museum. Your answer has been saved.Check your answer


How often do you go shopping in a city centre?
Do live near a major town or city?
Do you enjoy spending time in the city?
What are the advantages of living in a big town or city?


Writing Practice: Part 3

This is part of a letter you receive from an English friend.

I'm coming to your country for a holiday next year. What's the best city where I could spend my time?

Now you are writing a letter to this friend.

Write your letter in about 100 words.