Flo-Joe for Cambridge English Exams

Cambridge English: Preliminary

Vocabulary practice for the Cambridge PET exam

Holiday Vocabulary: Accommodation

On this page you will practise some of the vocabulary to describe holiday accommodation.


Complete each definition with the correct word:

A) A small property, often managed by a family.
The place to go with your tent.
C) If you stay here you might have to share a room.
D) If you want entertainment for the children go here.
E) If you want a room and all your meals cooked for you book this.
F) If you want a room but will be using local restaurants for lunch and dinner book this.
G) If you want a room plus breakfast and dinner in the hotel book this.
H) If you only want accommodation and no meals book this.

Well done. The correct answers are: A) guesthouse, B) campsite, C) youth hostel, D) holiday camp, E) full board, F) bed and breakfast, G) half board, H) self-catering.Your answer has been saved.Check your answer


Complete the gaps in the following sentences with the correct word.

A) I've booked my holiday. I'm staying in a family-run .
B) I don't like self- holidays. I don't want to cook all my own meals when I'm trying to relax.
C) If we pay for full we'll have to return to the hotel to eat at lunch and dinner time. Let's pay for board instead and just have breakfast and evening dinner at the hotel.
E) The was so noisy I took down the tent and found somewhere else.
F) I shared a room with some Italian students in the youth I stayed in last year.
G) The children need activities to keep them entertained so we're going to a holiday again this year.
H) The room costs £25 for bed and so you will have to add the cost of your lunch and dinner as well.

Well done!The correct answers are: A) guesthouse, B) catering, C) board, D) half, E) campsite, F) hostel, G) camp, H) breakfast. Your answer has been saved.Check your answer





When you go on holiday do you prefer to pay for full board, half board or just bed and breakfast?
What do you call a guesthouse in your country?
Would you be happy to share a bedroom with strangers in a youth hostel?


Speaking Practice: Part 3

Practise using adjectives to describe clothing. Collect some photographs from magazines showing a variety of clothing. Use 2 or 3 adj

In the PET Speaking exam you will be given a photograph to describe and will have very little time to think about what you are going to say. Here's how you can practice. Work in pairs. Both you and your partner should search in Google images for a topic using key words. Choose photographs that show people involved in an activity of some kind. Here's a link to some images following a search for "family holiday photographs". Print one or two of the photographs and then play the role of examiner and student. The person playing the examiner should say:

Now I'd like you to talk on your own about something. I'm going to give you a photograph showing '.......'. Here is your photograph. (Give your partner a copy of the photo). You should talk about the photograph for 1 minute, describing what you can see. Here is your photograph. I'd like you to tell me what you can see.

When your partner has finished change roles.