Flo-Joe for Cambridge English Exams

Cambridge English: Preliminary

Vocabulary practice for the Cambridge PET exam

Health Vocabulary: Health Problems

On this page you will practise some of the vocabulary to describe common health problems.


Complete each definition with the correct words:

A) Some people might feel this when they go on a journey.
This affects a lot of people during the Spring and Summer.
C) If you have this you are warm to the touch.
D) You'll need a pack of tissues if you're suffering with this.
E) This is often caused by lifting heavy objects.
F) This makes it difficult to swallow.
G) You might suffer from this if you eat something bad.
H) This will mean a trip to hospital.
You might get one of these if you walk or run on uneven ground.
J) One of the symptoms of a bad cold.

Well done. The correct answers are: A) travel sick, B) hay fever, C) high temperature, D) runny nose, E) bad back, F) sore throat, G) upset stomach, H) broken bone, I) sprained ankle, J) chesty cough.Your answer has been saved.Check your answer





Complete the gaps in the following sentences with one of the words from the previous quiz.

A) I my ankle while I was out yesterday and can barely walk today.
Could you get me something for a throat from the chemist?
C) I love going on holiday even though I always end up getting travel in the car.
D) I won't be in work today as I've got a really back.
E) My daughter suffers quite badly from hay .
F) I'm feeling a little better today though I've still got a chesty .
G) I've had an stomach after eating in that new restaurant yesterday.
H) The children are OK except for Sam who's got a bit of a cold and a runny .
I) You have a very high . I think I'll call the doctor.
J) The footballer has a leg and will be out until the end of the season.

Well done!The correct answers are: A) sprained, B) sore, C) sick, D) bad, E) fever, F) cough, G) upset, H) nose, I) temperature, J) broken. Your answer has been saved.Check your answer


Do you often suffer from sore throats?
Have you ever broken a bone?
Would you take a day off work if you had a runny nose?
Do you know someone who suffers from hay fever?


Writing Practice: Part 3

This is part of an email you receive from an English friend.

Anyway, sorry to hear you haven't been feeling very well. What are you suffering from?

Now you are writing an email to this friend.

Write your email in about 100 words.