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Vocabulary practice for the Cambridge PET exam

Jobs Vocabulary: Applying for a Job

What are the normal steps we go through when finding a job? On this page you will learn the vocabulary to describe the whole process.


Put the following actions into the correct order:

A) accept the job
find an interesting post
C) apply for the job
D) sign a contract
E) be called for an interview
F) look through job adverts
G) fill in the application form
H) be offered the job
I) attend the interview
J) send off for an application form

Well done. The correct answers are: 1) F, 2) B, 3) J, 4) G, 5) C, 6) E, 7) I, 8) H, 9) A, 10) D.Your answer has been saved.Check your answer


Complete the gap in each sentence with one of the following words in the correct form:


A) Nearly 200 people for the job that was advertised in the local newspaper.
B) Before you the contract make sure you have read it through carefully.
C) You should always in the application form as honestly as possible.
D) Do you know that job I applied for? Well, I've been for an interview.
E) I've 5 interviews so far and still haven't been F) a job.
G) In the end I decided to the job and started last week.
H) This job looks interesting. I think I'll off for more information.

Well done!The correct answers are: applied, sign, fill, called, attended, offered, accept, send. Your answer has been saved.Check your answer





Have you applied for any jobs recently?
Do you read a contract carefully before you sign it?
What would you wear if you were called for an interview?



Study Tip, Grammar

The first quiz above asked you to put a list of actions into the correct order. Think of different situations that have several actions and list them in the correct order. For example, what steps are involved in doing the following:

Having a party?
Making your favourite meal?
Going on holiday?