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Cambridge English: Preliminary

Vocabulary practice for the Cambridge PET exam

Cambridge Preliminary English Test: Paper 1 (< Previous > Next)

Time allowed: 1 hour 30 minutes

Part Task type Test ability to
Part 1 Reading
Multiple Choice
read and understand short notices signs messages etc.
Part 2 Reading
Multiple Matching
read and understand longer texts for detailed information
Part 3 Reading
read and identify factual information
Part 4 Reading
Multiple Choice
read for detailed and general understanding. Understand writer's attitude, opinion or reason for writing
Part 5 Reading
Multiple Choice Cloze
identify missing vocabulary or part of grammatical structures in a short text
Part 1 Writing
Sentence Transformations
rephrase sentences using different grammatical constructions
Part 2 Short Message write a short communicative text of about 35-45 words
Part 3 Writing
Story or Letter
write a longer communicative text of about 100 words

About the Preliminary English Test

Visit the links below for further information about Paper 2 and Paper 3 of the PET examination.

An introduction to the Cambridge ESOL Preliminary English Test (PET).

Paper 1
A summary of Preliminary English Test Reading and Writing (Paper 1).

Paper 2
A summary of Preliminary English Test Listening (Paper 2).

Paper 3
A summary of Preliminary English Test Speaking (Paper 3).


Study Tip, Writing and Speaking Practice

You can download a copy of the Preliminary English Test information for candidates pack from the Cambridge ESOL website. This will give you lots of information about each Part of the exam and contains some sample test material.