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Cambridge English: First

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Writing Class: Report

Task Type: Report

You recently attended an English language course. At the end of the course you were given the following letter:

We hope you have enjoyed studying with us. In order to plan future courses we would be grateful if you could write a short report giving us your views of the course. If you have any suggestions we would also like to hear them.

Thanks in advance.

Mrs Galton
The Principal

Write your report for the Principal (around 140-190 words).

Makeover: Pablo

Read Pablo's answer to this question below. Try correcting the piece of writing yourself first: use the marking codes to think about what might be wrong (or what's good) about the piece of work. Then when you're ready, click the green buttons in the text for our feedback.


This report is intended to evaluate the success of the six months WF English Course, which I have assisted WW recently at the Academy Center in English.


First of all, as there were twenty of us in the class, we were a bit crowded, and also the computer room was not big enough for all of us. Another thing to mention as a drawback Gd is the cost of the course being too high.


As I had expected, /\ teachers were well-qualified and friendly, /\ what´s more, there were a pleasant atmosphere among the other students. As a consequence, my English improved a lot.


To sum up, my only suggestion would be reducing the WW per class. Otherwise, the course was great and interesting and I have enjoyed studying. I would recommend it to my friends and I am sure I will be back in the future. Gd


This is a very well-written answer to the task, Pablo. I like the way you have organised this report and given each paragraph its own heading. This really helps the reader, doesn't it? You have a good range of grammatical structures and you're ambitious in the vocabulary you use. Another positive aspect is your use of linking phrases ('Another thing to mention...', 'As a consequence...', 'To sum up....') which helps your writing to flow nicely. For the makeover, I have commented on aspects of your English that wouldn't be considered too serious at FCE-level but are points you may wish to remember for the future!


Marking Code

/\ Word(s) missing

- Omit word

C Capitalization

Gd Good

O Organisation

P Punctuation

PE Poorly expressed

R Register/Formality

SS Sentence Structure

S Spelling

T Tip

WF Wrong form

WO Word order

WT Wrong tense

WW Wrong word