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Cambridge English: First

An introduction to the Cambridge FCE exam

FCE Paper 4 Speaking (< Previous >)

Time allowed: 14 minutes

Part Task type Focus Time
1. Conversation between Interlocutor and each candidate. Candidates take it in turns to answer spoken questions that focus on interactional and social language. Give personal information and talk about past, present and future experiences. 2 minutes
2. Individual 'long turn' (1 minute) and response from second candidate (20 seconds). Each candidate is given a pair of photographs and asked to talk about them, using the prompt questions on the page. The second candidate gives a brief response. Tasks focus on: comparing, describing and expressing opinions. Speak for a long turn lasting approximately 1 minute using appropriate language. 4 minutes
3. Two-way conversation between candidates. Candidates are given spoken instructions, along with written prompts, and work on a decision-making task. The focus is on sustaining the interaction by: sharing ideas, expressing and justifying opinions, agreeing and/or disagreeing, suggesting, speculating, evaluating and negotiating to reach a decision. Give opinions, agree and disagree, make suggestions etc; take turns. 4 minutes
4. Discussion related to the task in Part 3 Candidates answer spoken questions that focus on: expressing and justifying opinions, agreeing and/or disagreeing. Give and justify opinions, agree & disagree, take turns and explore topics. 4 minutes

Table: FCE Paper 4 Speaking