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Cambridge English: Proficiency

An introduction to the Cambridge CPE exam

CPE Paper 4 Speaking (< Previous >)

Time allowed: 16 minutes

Part Task type Focus Time
1. Conversation between Interlocutor and each candidate. Candidates give personal information and express their opinions. Use language for general and social interaction. 2 minutes
2. Two-way conversation between candidates. Candidates are given visual and spoken prompts and then try to reach a decision on a topic. use language to speculate, evaluate, compare, give opinions and make decisions. 4 minutes
3. Long turn. Each candidate takes it in turns to respond to a written question. Use language to organise a longer turn, express and justify opinions. 2 minutes per candidate
4. Discussion related to the task in Part 3 Candidates discuss the topic in more depth. Use language to expand upon a topic. 8 minutes

Table: CPE Paper 4 Speaking