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An introduction to the Cambridge CPE exam

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Time allowed: 1 hour 30 minutes

Part Task type Focus Word Length
1. Compulsory task Write an Essay with a discursive focus, summarising and evaluating the ideas in two texts, each around 100 words long. Ability to evaluate and summarize key points in tests and write discursively, i.e. making and developing arguments, expressing or evaluating ideas, supporting opinions, etc. 240-280
2. Choice of 4 tasks Choose one writing task from a choice of four. Questions 2-4 are based on one of the following: an article a letter a review a report Question 5 in this part is based on a set reading text and the task is one of the following: an article an essay a letter a review a report Visit the CPE section of our FAQs page for details of this year's set texts. Write for a specific purpose and audience, with accurate language control. 280-320

Table: CPE Paper 2 Writing