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CAE Speaking

Part 4: Three-way Discussion (< Previous >)

Tests ability to: use language to summarise, report and explain decisions; develop a topic further.

In Part 4 of the CAE Speaking test, which lasts about five minutes, the examiner will join the discussion and ask candidates questions related to the visuals used in Part 3.

Example Questions

Q: Do any of these jobs have a special status in your country?
Q: Which jobs do you think offer the greatest personal satisfaction?
Q: Do any of these jobs appeal to you?


1. Again, avoid short, 'yes', 'no' answers to the examiner's questions.

2. Use techniques to make your contributions powerful, for example by using short, personal anecdotes to help make a point.

3. Continue to work with your partner. Respond constructively and show interest in things he or she says.

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